Former Kilkenny Legend Questions Having a Limerick Man on The Sunday Game

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Former Kilkenny hurler and eight time All-Ireland winner Eddie Brennan has questioned having a Limerick man on the panel and doing his analysis on the opposition. The former Laois manager was talking at a Guinness launch in Dublin and was quoted by

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“I thought it was poor that you could put an analysis piece together and not look at both teams involved. I’m not going to dilute the incidents, there were incidents there, there were a few strikes but I thought David Reidy took a hell of a blow to the head for the first free that he got. A slap of the hurl straight down on top of the head, and I don’t see how that was missed as well.

“The optics of a Limerick man (Shane Dowling) sitting on the Sunday Game,” Brennan commented, “and an analysis piece on the opposition, I don’t think that is fair and impartial. I think It should have been challenged.”

“Limerick, to be fair, they have been a talking point in that regard (indiscipline). I don’t know if I ever recall a team going through a league campaign where they got red cards almost every day they played.

“For me, personally, if you are going to do an analysis piece on one team striking. You have to look at other things and say are they being missed. In my personal view, it was poor that you could put an analysis piece together and not look at both teams involved.”

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  1. Err…. Eddie conveniently or otherwise forgot to make any reference to the fact that a. Kilkenny man,Jackie tyrell , was doing the analysis the previous evening Galway v Kilkenny…..sauce for the goose for the gander comes to mind.

  2. Eddie must have amnesia, Davey Fits, Anthony Daly good Clare men and Donal Og involved with Clare. All commenting on Limerick Relax Eddie people spoke about your Kilkenny in the same way. Dirty and too physical.

  3. Referee dealt with reidy incident as he saw fit and awarded a free brendan cummins clips were about serious foul play which went unpunished i think eddie is missing the point,as for tainted views donal og began the witch hunt v gearoid hegarty and donal og has been involved in clare coaching senior set up so if eddie is calling one pundit out he should include all others including his own county man

  4. Same rules for all players/teams and Michael Duignan should stop calling for players to be carded or sent off. His opinions are often very biased (unprofessional) towards teams and players.
    Donal Òg wants to influence refereeing through the media, and is so called “entertainment ” whilst impacting players and their games.
    Should be the same rules for all, as it is SPORT at the end of the day!!!

  5. Pretty sure the analysis on those off the ball incidents was done by Brendan Cummins a Tipperary man.

  6. Sounds like sour grapes, not on Sunday Game anymore and it was Cummins who talked about it not Dowling. Donal Og has been in about Limerick as well. Like a long playing record.

  7. Hi Eddie
    It’s not all about killenny would it not better to give credit to limerick & Clare for one of the best championship game. Shane Dowling comments are excellent to much drama over
    Coady & shef. it’s hurling for me any day

  8. It was a witch hunt and you could see how uncomfortable brendan was pointing it out. It was an effort to change the narrative around limerick. There’s always coming togethers in hurling that look dangerous when slowed down, lads trying to break free from the tackle. But not one limerick incident was highlighted that’s wrong.

  9. Eddie is far more concerned at the presence of Shane Dowling than wrongs of the foul play highlighted by Brendan Cummings. His value system reflects an ethos sometimes evident in members of the Gardai. It is sad that he should use such a forum to air personal grievances rather than compliment the specular display by both teams.

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