Economics Expert Believes Celtic & Rangers should Join the Ligue One in France. 

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Rangers won the Scottish Premiership this year, absolutely hammering their bitter rivals in the league by over twenty points to lift the Scottish Premiership trophy. The question that keeps popping up though is, would Rangers and Celtic be better off out of the Scottish Premiership are they too powerful for the league?

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Economics expert Jean-Pascal Gayant believes Celtic and Rangers should join league one in France.

“The Scottish league is a bit wobbly; 12 teams meeting three times and then five more games to find a way to end the season by trying to correct the structural imbalance,” Gayant added in an interview with Le Foot.

“The title hasn’t been won by a non-Glasgow club for 36 years.

“Firstly, reduce Ligue 1 to 16 teams – or possibly 18 with the two Scottish teams – to create a more competitive environment.

“With approximately the same payroll spread over 16 or 18 teams, the average quality of teams will improve and there will still be time to play European games.”

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