🚨Eben Etzebeth Eben fires shots at ‘arrogant’ Ireland in what they said to him at the RWC .. 😬

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The Springboks second row Eben Etzebeth was on The Rugby Pod this week and the 32 year old revealed what the Irish player said to him post match in their pool match at the Rugby World Cup.

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“After the game, you shake the guys’ hands and probably 12 out of the 23 told me, ‘See you guys in the final’,”

“My immediate thought was because of the way the logs worked, we were going to play France and they were going to play New Zealand.

“My immediate thought was, ‘Are these guys seriously not even thinking about the All Blacks in a World Cup quarter-final, playing against them?’

“That remark that they made – ‘see you guys in the final’. I just thought these guys were making a big mistake to look past probably the most dominant team in the last 20 to 30 years of Test rugby. Surely, they can’t.

“We would never say that because we knew we’ve got the host nation and we were going to have to pitch up to beat France in their backyard.

“It just felt like they were just so confident saying things like that when you know you got the mighty All Blacks coming up in a World Cup quarter-final.

“I think Frans Malherbe was with me and I said, ‘Í don’t know if these guys are riding a bit high’,” Etzebeth added. “Obviously, it is good to be confident, but you can never be arrogant in this game.

“You can have the best season and you can have one slip-up or one missed tackle and a guy puts you on your arse.

“That’s the beauty of this game, you are never on top forever.”




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  1. That’s called positive thinking from the Ireland team, and why not say it, it could have been true – not arrogance. Afterall, we were hoping to win the All Black game and that would’ve meant Ireland would gave played them again in the RWC.

    Nothing wrong with that comment, it wasn’t rude, snide or anything just a prediction that didn’t come true but it could have.

    1. Yeah again your comment is full of arogance …There is no other country as arogant as Ireland …Your bad sportmanship is on top of the range..if you dont have something good to say he should have kept his mouth shut just like should have done

    2. Lol there is a big difference between could have and did look at the springboks 4 world cups and look at Ireland no wc medals not even a semifinal lol whahahahahahahahahahaha how can Ireland even be mentioned in the same sentence as the springboks and all black not even close man u Irish supporters need to wake up and smell the roses man u have not won anything worth while taking about keep quite and stay in ur lane

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