🚨Irish fans aren’t happy as it’s revealed what Eben Etzebeth said to Jim Hamilton at full-time about the Irish team 😬

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What a cracking World Cup pool match that was on Saturday evening against both Ireland and South Africa at the Stade de France in Paris. After the game South African second-row Eben Etzebeth was speaking to former Scottish second row Jim Hamilton and told him.

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‘We’ll get them again, if they make it through..’ 

This has got a few Irish fans agitated..


There’s no doubt about it, but both those teams Ireland and South Africa are the two best teams in the world. If both teams stay injury free and keep up their form, it will be an Ireland v South African final in a few weeks time again. New Zealand and France will have something to say about that though..

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  1. They have the arrogance, and that’s there downfall…thinking they can’t beat anyone…but they didn’t beat us…🤷🏼‍♂️

          1. Im supporting Ireland in this beef
            although im from South Africa…
            This country aint sh’t…
            I would give anything to get out of here

            I love you Ireland.
            Strongs with the rest of the Tournament

        1. Stop living in the past, and live in the present. Look where living in the past has gotten South Africa over the last 20 odd years.

          The SA team is arrogate, wether you like it or not, it’s the truth.

          1. At least they can spell. The only arrogance I see is from half baked Irish fans, and I’m born and bred Irish. They are confident and live for the game, we have a bunch of foreign players (quite a few from South Africa) playing for Ireland and that means we should keep our opinions to ourselves and hope no one notices that we can’t come close to what SA have achieved, without their help.

          2. I have never given Ireland much thought until now. It was a heck of a game that was lost due to SA poor goal kicking.

            My only issue was the constant moaning of the Ireland players to the ref. Reminded me of George Gregan but only this time it seemed to be the whole Irish team.

            To me, you also seem a bit arrogant. Once your team is constantly up there and competing with the Southern Hemisphere teams and winning then you might have something to brag about. For now, only be happy that they are performing so good.

          3. What is Arrogate?..
            If you mean arrogant ” you should look at the ARROGANT SMIRK on Sexton’s face during his interview… come back when Ireland make it past the 1/4 final..

        2. Minority sport in Ireland Pierre. Small number of professional players. Just happy to be at the World Cup competing and great to beat the reigning world champions albeit only in a pool game. Humility is a good trait. Beware of egos.

          1. Well said. Ireland played extremely well and deserved their win whether or not the goal kicking cost the South African side. The match up presented one of the best games of the RWC so far and regardless of the result it was a terrific game. It was all left on the field and that’s all anyone can ask for.

          2. Arrogante is when you think you have the right to judge arrogante. Let me tell all of the above guys this…. every team in the world from school level up to International level has some arrogant players and some of the nicest human being as well in their teams. Same goed for the fans. You shouting “they are arrogant” say more about yourself than it dies about The players you are regering to. Nuff said.
            As the Ireland /RSA match I can only thank both teams for giving us a show of a match. That was hard and unrelenting rugby the way it should be played. Both side coaching staff must congratulated on a job well done. Many kids on the globe looked at that match and said “that’s what I want to do one day” You did our sport proud. I am off for a braai and a Guiness to celebrate both teams.

        3. Every dog has his day as the saying goes , it just so happened this soo called dog is an Irish Wolf Hound and it likes the taste of spring bok

          1. an irish wolf hound is way to slow and not energetic enough to catch a springbok. It would die in the heat of the Kalahari

        4. pierre, 60 million to pick from and good at one sport… we pick from 5 million with a large grouping playing gaelic football and hurling. SA just a cocky arrogant shower, players, management and supporters with no humility

          1. u can take on our rugby players or not but u will NOT take on our country…u know nothing so keep ur uninformed opinions to urself.

          2. Actually, SA picks from less than 5 million. Football being the most popular sport in South Africa. Generally children who go to the private schools get the right coaching for rugby and then they move to the various Provincial coaching academy’s.

          3. rugby is not the national sport of SA soccer is. You are arrogant, illiterate and dumb with your comment. Most of the population in SA live in shacks without running water, sanitation or electricity that so speaks a stupid person about the SA population. You need to get some humility for the actions of your government and you gaelic people that helped to put them into this position

          4. You cannot use the age old story about Ireland having a small pool to select from due to country’s small population,.When half the current team weren’t born there, oh yes and don”t forget the Englishman who is your head coach

        5. Pierre, past titles mean nothing, this is now! This is is the best Irish team and best chance of going past the QF and who knows after that, dare to dream. Please give Ireland some credit!!

          1. Great game of rugby. Ireland left 12 or 15 points behind by opting to go down the line. Not a mention of that anywhere. SA left a few behind as well. Ireland knocked on with no cover on the try line. SA similar on the Irish line. SA try was possibly a forward pass, ball passed before the 5m line, received by CK a half meter beyond the 5m line. It’s swings and roundabouts and there’s at least 4 teams, maybe 5 who could yet win the WC. Wales are a dark horse, Scotland could yet have a big say. SA and France still favourites, NZ still there. Ireland are currently the form team…just enjoy it.

        6. Stop living in the past !!! We have beaten SA twice in less that 12 months. I suppose we were lucky twice & lucky to have won 16 matches in a row. Check Ireland’s record against SA since 2016 !!! SA’s record against Ireland is awful. If we meet in the final and SA pick Libbok Ireland will win. Our lineout will not function as badly as Dan Sheehan will be back. South African arrogance is astounding!!!

          1. Half Irihalf Irish team are foreigners, even South Africans, left to the Irish alone, you may not have even qualified for RWC. Sorry but the truth is the truth, just saying…coach is English lol 😂

      1. Jukes Wait wait. It’s OK for the Ireland players to say that they never going to loose this match, yet it’s arrogance when a bok players dies the same?

        1. What are the world cup counts again… oh yes, Ireland 0, enough said.

          You all confuse arrogance with confidence, that’s what makes our team play with the strength, determination and grit that they do.

          1. And yet Ireland still beat the Boks !!! And we beat the Boks last November!!! How many times do we have to beat the Boks before you realise that Ireland is a better team . Your coach picked Libbok!!! Not Ireland’s fault that Libbok is the worst kicker at RWC23 !!!

        1. He spelling is as shyte as Ireland’s RWC track record….9 x RWC tournaments not even making it out of the QF’s

          1. Pierre what’s wrong with you do you not get a lot of hugs at home calm down I’m sure there is a girl or boy out there for you and you will be happy some day luv you

        2. It’s also amazing how short the SA fuses are as soon as anyone says anything …whether they like. It or not …

          1. you mud drinkers are no better so rather mind your p’s and q’s. These posts show all of you to be as arrogant or worse. When you have 3 world cups maybe you can speak up. But until then you should rather shut up

          1. You guys are largely unpleasant on this chat line! And moreover a tad short on intellectual comprehension. I’d guess your partners don’t listen to you either! 🤣

        1. Take the loss on the chin Pierre , we all do , move on
          Good luck on your new road to the final
          Maybe Ireland will meet the boks again

        2. Said like a true Boks supporter. Completely agree with your positive view point rather than following the flock with all the negative slandering. Both teams played incredibly well end of story. There’s a long road still to the cup. We can let the upcoming games do the talking rather than a comments argument.

      1. And Ireland visualize winning the RWC23 !!! Beating SA again in the final would be a dream come through !!!!

    1. The ref didn’ gave DA the penalties that was due to them,go check the video where the showed it all.uhm and the Irish captain drinking miracle water😂🤣😂where their medicks was only aloud to give out real water.Faul play Ireland🤬😡😡😡

      1. Sour loser !!! Sour grapes!!! Saffas are world leaders for whinging, complaining and making excuses when the Boks lose 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

        1. you lot are no better. You are arrogant when you have not even won a world cup. Not even a semi final. When you have 3 then you can boast but until then rather shut up

      1. Confidence, it’s actually called confidence. Big difference. And we have beaten you, many may times actually. So enjoy your win, it’s well deserved and very lucky. 11 points is all I’m saying……

    2. Well if you don’t believe you can beat anyone, then you end up never making a Semi Final in 10 attempts…. and Jules just a tip to avoid looking stupid. Next time maybe read the article you’re commenting time on, not just the attention seeking headline.

      1. How many visits to Ireland for winter tours and that didn’t end well either ,
        We are not scared of you any more
        Bring it on round 2

    3. Confidence, it’s actually called confidence. Big difference. And we have beaten you, many may times actually. So enjoy your win, it’s well deserved and very lucky. 11 points is all I’m saying……

    4. Boohoooo, we don’t have a kicker, 11 points lost because of that. We would’ve beaten you lol. But it doesn’t matter, can’t remember the last time Ireland won a WC. Springboks aren’t arrogant, just confident in our abilities as we are the WC and if not but the most feared Rugby team in the world. Sit on a cactus and keep your daft comments to yourself.

      1. Well Sa supporters said on a podcast said SA would mangle us did it happen? and plus look at facebook comments b4 the world cup started and boks fans were saying we have this won, I am born and bred Irish and we think we have a chance, never claimed we would win it.

    5. Isn’t that remark a bit arrogant it self. Be happy with your temporary win. You are forgetting SA’s rugby history.

      1. History is in the past ! Let’s look at the now shall we!
        Ireland left 9 points out there and SA left 11,so the score would of been 22-19
        We still would of beaten you guys , so go deal with it !

    6. We missed our goal kicks.if they slotted only 2 of them then we will be singing a different tune. We will focus on France, you on Scotland and ABs

    7. “They have arrogance” should read “They are arrogant”
      “there” should read “their”
      “thinking they can’t beat anyone … but they didn’t beat us” are two contradicting statements.

      1. Darm iemand hier wat dit ook raak sien!!
        Well, apart from missing the kicks @ goal, we dominated the scrums and lineouts. Both teams were on par for most of the game, but as I said on another post: “Ireland didn’t win as much as S.A lost…” i.o.w The game was in the bag for S.A, we lost it.

    8. It’s called confidence in yourself, your teammates and coaching staff. Without you will not succeed, you have to believe, even out loudly sometimes even if opposition don’t like it. True story.

    9. Congrats on the win Irland. Oh wait the ref helped you win oh well will see what the bokka have installed. Wasnt the boys best.

    10. we have won 3 world cups Ireland zero …New Zealand will beat You in the Q Finals as usual so best you keep quiet

    11. Jules, it’s hard to make any sense of your comment. Perhaps you mean “thinking they CAN beat anyone”? They would not be World Champions if their thinking was that they can’t beat anyone

    12. You earn that arrogance with World Cup titles. You’re yet to experience it. It’s called consistency. Just saying.

    13. I bet you are Irish, i am South African btw, I bet you can’t beat me at spelling either. Spellchecker is free (use it)

    14. They may be arrogant but the Irish are classless. Not one acknowledgment of the good game that was played nor a nod to the defending champions. You will note that the SA players and supporters were very kind to the Irish players on social media etc. Nothing but crickets from the Irish – maybe because they have never won before. Perhaps if they win this time they could discover how to act like champions.

    15. If it wasn’t for that kickers of ours we would have won 20 -13. Four kicks missed but Yes.Who ever play the best and team work is the best will Win

    1. Its very weak to gave to resort to typos for a comeback. Its not spelling mistakes boet, its typing with big fingers. Happens to me all the time

    1. Well Sa supporters said on a podcast said SA would mangle us did it happen? and plus look at facebook comments b4 the world cup started and boks fans were saying we have this won, I am born and bred Irish and we think we have a chance, never claimed we would win it.

  2. Congrats to the Irish. They played well.. It’s just sad that the ref never looked at all the late tackles that was made by Ireland and not allowing the last play to be finish. But we are not bad losers. We will get them in the finals…

    1. So, it wasn’t necessarily the ref, but a certain french line judge, very well known by the Springboks. The Irish team cottoned on very quickly to his blindness and in the second half you will have noticed most infringements by the Irish happened on his side.
      This is now how rugby is played too, something out Springboks don’t use as well as some other teams (Ireland, Australia, Argentina) because we play rugby at a pure level.
      It’s not foul play, I personally don’t like it, but it’s using the refereeing team to your advantage too.
      Saying that, both teams scored 1 try. Our Springboks made silly decisions. If your kicker is not kicking at his best, why are you taking penalty kicks? The Irish lineouts we’re shocking, why are we not kicking and taking lineouts for tries? We were trying to get quick points on the board and not playing on the Irish weaknesses.
      (Goodness, I hope I don’t have any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors in this, you guys are brutal with that)

    1. That’s how we Irish roll…As we are reminded all the time Ireland has not won a world cup. YET.. But we put our hearts on the line for our Great Rugby Team. We will drink their health and sing our songs….Being Irish is not an accident of birth….Its a privilege.

  3. Thats not arrogance – its confidence and that is what makes this Bok team so good. So, they hope to sèe the Irish in the Final.

  4. it’s forbidden in British culture to have any hint of arrogance – this stems from being brow beaten into a class system for millennia. Such a quaint notion no one should be bothered by in the modern game.

  5. I almost forgot this article is about Rugby, after seeing all the grammar and spelling errors in the comments – Can’t make out half of these comments .. LOL

  6. Actual we think we can beat anyone . As I’m sure the the Irish and French and ABs and England and Wales and Argentina and Scotland and and and . If you don’t well that’s where you’ve lost . But hey thank goodness all these teams are ” arrogant ” .

  7. Wow, I’m Irish and happy they are playing so well, I must say reading all these comments! ye all sound like children … ffs .. rugby is a battle for 80 minutes played by Men/Women , who give it their all … and that’s what we saw Saturday night , 2 very very good teams … massive hits .. no illegal ones… and some excellent defending mixed with great attacking…and a bit of luck won it for Ireland , EVERY successful team gets luck , and after the battle there is nothing but RESPECT shown between teams … you wouldn’t think that reading the comments here … if your a TRUE rugby supporter, you will show the same respect to each other .. if not just follow another sport , I suggest soccer

    1. Well said Barry. Grow up everybody. Great game Saturday, great win Ireland. .. and Etsebeth is probably right .. we might just see you in the finals .. or not

  8. Have you all seen the post-match interviews? Siya and Jacques were laughing when asked if they can still win the RWC. That says a lot! They cannot hide the fact that they threw the game against Ireland on purpose!! SA was idling and Ireland gave it all – Esterhuizen (SA’s best midfielder) was not even used. I could be wrong- just saying.

  9. How adults fight over a media statement….seriously, they always speak the truth right? It’s embarrassing. Perhaps hear from these 2 first before fighting it out.
    I think these two teams respect each other and have shown sportsmanship better than what’s displayed here!
    Read the comment again and see how it was taken out of context

  10. Wait naughty eben . Political correct thing to so without offending anyone – please can we have your permission to beat ireland sir

  11. What the f**k are you talking about. Rugby was once a great honourable game and then along came the bitter boks. I’ve just come up with a great world cup hashtag #bitterboks🤣🤣

    1. Oh goodness! Many bitter comments on a great game. Can’t everyone appreciate that without the rudeness? I certainly did and I am a staunch AB fan. Our family thought the game was brilliant. Who knows who will win the WC. In the lap of the Gods, as they say. Appreciate super games everyone, please.

  12. Arrogance was Brithish, Irish, Scottish and Welshmen invading our beautiful country more than a hundred years ago, who raped and killed our women and children, enriched their sovereign leadership with our gold, and left in 1948 with laws of apartheid instilled by proper British rule.

    Yes, the arrogance of your island created apartheid. On the blood of our forefathers.

    That was arrogance.

    What we now see is the end result of acceptance and forgiveness, using the great sport of William Web Ellis as a medium to build bridges and go forward as human beings.

    Rugby is a hard physical sport, of give and take, as each who really carried the ball or put their heads in the scrum know. Not easy to fully understand for wannabee TV refs.

    It needs hard men with self confidence and courage.

    This is what we see in France now.

    And win or lose, it is beautiful.

  13. It’s Rugby for Christ’s sake …Ireland played the ref well and SA didn’t have a specislist/reliable kicker which dearly cost them Two very similar styles of play but thought Ireland were just better and quicker at the breakdown …Eben is usually the enforcer in the forwards but met his match and more …2 best teams in the world went at it and one had to come out on top …Ireland took their chances well .. Let’s not be footballers and just get on with the tournament…

  14. Ireland are definitely in with a very good chance to take the cup, (I’m a Bok supporter).
    Lets see how it pans out at the end and in the true spirit of rugby, let the best team win.
    I must say, I have no problem with my team getting beaten if they have played at their best.

  15. Wat het nou daar gebeur ? Het gelyk vir my dat hulle ‘n mooi praatjie gehad het. Wonder hoekom all hierdie mense mort nou jags praat ? Ons is “arrogant” ? Halfde van die squad het die man se hand geskuif (Shake). Dis nie “arrogance” nie, dis goeie maniere in my boek… Ja Nee, lyk vir my soos hulle skrik ‘n bietjie vir die Bokke (verskoon die slegte Afrikaans, ek is eintlik Engels). Taking the Micky !

  16. Sad to see all this BS, rugby is one game that has always epitomised sportsmanship,
    Every team is on the field to win, every fan base wants to cheer their team on to win and celebrate if they win. I don’t see any gloating ot arrogance from the Irish fans, I see pride in their national team.
    The landscape of international rugby has changed a bit in four years, and Southern Hemisphere teams are not the powerhouses they once were m, but come the knockout stages they will start to peak. If Ireland beat SA again will we have another round of excuses full of ifs,buts and maybes, most likely, if SA beat Ireland we will definitely have a huge amount of of self-satisfied gloating and arrogance from the Bokkes fan base.
    Magnanimity is the sign of true champions

  17. Well Played Ireland great game. There is nothing to call between these two sides. However the world cup only really starts at the quarters. It is far to early to start getting confident. Now BMT and excellent planning needed there are 5 sides there evenly matched. Count South Africa out or New Zealand out at your own peril. Go Bokke.

  18. Arrogate, pronounced, arru-gat is an Afrikaans abbreviation for arrogant gat, which means arrogant arse. Ek is van Suid Afrika, ek weet mos!

  19. amazing how the conspiracy theories start flowing and the excuses are fantasized about losing to Ireland. Real rugby fans know that this is the 3rd defeat in a row to Ireland. Is there another set of excuses for the two previous losses?

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