👀 Ebanie Bridges says if it wasn’t for her ‘side hustle’ she’d be working at McDonald’s

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Ebanie Bridges is grateful for the success she’s enjoyed on OnlyFans.

The Aussie bombshell hasn’t fought this year and says without OnlyFans she would have struggled.

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Bridges, is the current IBF women’s bantamweight champion with a record of 9-1 but last fought in December of last year where she scored a TKO victory over Shannon O’Connell.

Speaking to LuckyBlock.com she opened up on her OnlyFans side hustle.

She said,

“I’m in the top 0.1 per cent of earners on OnlyFans.

“I haven’t had a pay cheque from boxing since December f***ing 2022, so I suppose, thank f*** for OnlyFans, otherwise I’d be working at f***ing McDonald’s or something in order to support myself over here.

“So, thank God for OnlyFans, because it keeps me going, and it keeps me being able to train at the gym full time and saves me from not having to go get a second job because I’m not getting paid, because I’m not boxing.”

“I think the people that judge me for OnlyFans and what I do on OnlyFans clearly haven’t subscribed, because if they did, they wouldn’t be talking the s*** that they talk.

“It’s exclusive content. And you get to chat with me there and I enjoy it. I enjoy getting to know my fans, people can complain as much as they want.”


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