😮 Ebanie Bridges reveals the three weirdest fan requests she has received and claps back at ‘jealous trolls’

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Ebanie Bridges has opened up on the bizarre requests she received and hits out at trolls.

Bridges, 36, is the current women’s IBF bantamweight champion but hasn’t fought since December of last year when she stopped rival Shannon O’Connell in the eight round of their contest.

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The Aussie mixes boxing with OnlyFans and of course also promoting Conor McGregor’s Forged Irish Stout recently aswell.

She’s built quite the fan base but with that comes trolling and some very weird requests from fans.

Speaking on Pub Talk, she revealed the three most bizarre ones.

“I get love letters, all kinds of stuff.

“I get asked for bath water, toe-nail clippings, sweat.”

She also explained how she deals with online trolls and continued:

“I ignore it (troll messages). Anyone who is successful, they’re going to get the jealousy, the hate, people will try to drag you down.

“That’s just normal. The people talking s***, they don’t know me, so why should I sit there and get emotional and bothered by someone who has never met me?

“I’m very secure within myself. I’ve been through hell and back in my life and I’m very secure, I love who I am.”

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