(Photo) Boxer Ebanie Bridges sends fans wild with INSANE snap before night out

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Pro boxer Ebanie Bridges sent her fans into a frenzy with an INSANE photo she shared on Instagram before heading out for the night.

Bridges, an Australian boxer who has a professional record of 8-1, is renowned for being one of the most stunning female fighters in the sport.

While she has also earned acclaim for his skillset in the ring, much of the fanfare surrounding her can be linked back to her Instagram feed.

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It’s no surprise, either, when she’s sharing photos like the one below ahead of a going on a night out with her friend. We’ve got one word for it – WOW.

Photo via ebanie_bridges, Instagram

Bridges has, rather predictably, send her fans into somewhat of a meltdown with the sheer amount of cleavage she’s showcased to her followers.

You imagine that she will not only have caught people’s eye on her Instagram feed, either. Can you imagine the amount of male attention she will have got while out and about?

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