🚨 Ebanie Bridges makes X-rated claim about fans amidst Conor McGregor links

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Ebanie Bridges has defended her friendship with UFC star, Conor McGregor.

The Aussie boxer and Irishman have teamed up in recent times to promote his ‘Forged Irish Stout’ at boxing events.

But fans online started to speculate that the pair were more than just friends and speaking to Instant Casinos, Bridges has hit-out at fans for their ‘fantasies’.

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She said: “Yeah, it’s f***ing annoying [that I have to defend our friendship] because it’s so clear to me. Maybe I’m either really smart or I just think it’s common sense

“I think they [fans] have this little fantasy that we’re f***ing, and then they get excited about that and maybe go have a w**k. I don’t know but that’s all I can think of. Because honestly if there was something going on, I feel like we wouldn’t be together in public if we were doing something like that.

“I wouldn’t be wearing that branded clothing all the time and having a Forged Irish Stout in my hand all the time. It’s clearly promotion.

“They want to think it up in their head for whatever reason, for their own little fantasies or to try and bring me down or to try and bring Conor down, because he has a lot of haters as well.

“But in the end, the people that are saying that, they’re just trying to spread rumours and make things up or make themselves excited.”

She went on to praise ‘The Notorious’.

She continued: “He’s an incredible human. Honestly, if you meet him in person when he walks in a room he just lights it up. And I’m not just talking about in front of the fans, it happens when there’s just a few people too. He’s just got that aura about him.”

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