🚨 Ebanie Bridges has been left baffled by one thing all British people do

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Ebanie Bridges has been left baffled as to why British people wash up with a bowl in their sink.

Bridges who is originally from Australia but has lived and fought in England for a while now and even has chosen to support Leeds United for her sins.

But, she is clearly miffed with how the Brits do their washing-up.

Taking to X formerly Twitter she posted:

‘Ok so me & my dad been laughing cos I was explaining to him that everyone in the UK puts a bucket in their sink to wash the dishes it’s fucken useless… like u got a sink that’s built to literally wash dishes but then you go put another bucket in it that makes ur sink smaller and then also needs washing it’s so fucken weird but just so I can prove pretty much everyone in uk has one can you please upload a picture of ur wash bowl / sink bucket thing in the comments.

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Feel free to explain why you use one that isn’t “well cos that’s just what my mum did”

She then wrote: ‘Maybe I should buy one and do the dishes in the bowl/bucket half naked to get the brits excited over on my onlyfans hahahahahahaha.’

Then another thing let the Aussie stumped why we have no power sockets In bathrooms.

She added: Also like to add ANOTHER WEIRD British thing is NO POWER SOCKETS in the bathroom… like British ppl can’t be trusted with a power point in their bathroom, like they gonna throw a toaster in the bath.. the only country that cant be trusted power sockets In the bathrooms….

Or maybe its to make people buy dressing tablets and have an extra room to get ready in seems all a bit of a money grab lol.

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