Rob Wotton asks Chole Mustaki is there ‘a need for education’ after IRA song being sung

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The Ireland women’s team had a great win last night against Scotland to put them through to the World Cup finals and after the game the women sang a song that referenced the IRA. Today Chole Mustaki was put in front Sky Sports to apologise for a song that has come out online of the ladies singing ‘Ooh ah up the ‘Ra’

Rob Wotton the Sky Sports presenter had some tough questions for the Ireland ladies team player.

MORE HERE: A video has hit the net that appears to show what Jordan Henderson said to Gabriel, this doesn’t look great..


The FAI have since apologise for this.

‘The Football Association of Ireland and the Republic of Ireland Ireland Women’s National Team Manager Vera Pauw apologise for any offence caused by a song sung by players in the Ireland dressing room after the FIFA Women’s World Cup Qualifying Play-off win over Scotland at Hampden Park on Tuesday night.

“Ireland manager Vera Pauw said, ‘We apologise from the bottom of our hearts to anyone who has been offended by the content of the post-match celebrations after we had just qualified for the World Cup.

‘We will review this with the players and remind them of their responsibilities in this regard. I have spoken with players this morning and we are sorry collectively for any hurt caused, there can be no excuse for that.'”

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  1. Maybe Wotton needs to educate himself in English/Irish history, then he may have a better understanding of what went on. An English man recently said to me that he never knew England invaded Ireland. He only found out because he an avid fan of Derry Girls. This guy is in his late forties. Doesn’t that say something out what the average English person knows about English/Irish history.

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