🚨Clare supporters are livid after Donal Óg Cusack’s comments on The Sunday Game 🤬

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The former Cork hurler Donal Óg Cusack was on The Sunday Game highlights show last night and a lot of the Clare supporters won’t be happy with what the former goalkeeper had to say in his analysis.

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“But I don’t think that was the biggest thing out of the game. Even from a Clare point of view, I think Clare would be better off looking at themselves.

“There is a tendency over the last while to be focusing out of those types of big decisions, but it is swings and roundabouts,” he added.

“Colm Lyons didn’t strike all the balls wide that Clare did today. Didn’t strike all the balls wide last year.

“It was said there on commentary that they were the architects of their own downfall with that goal,” Óg Cusack said, referencing Billy Ryan’s dispossession of Rory Hayes, which eventually led to Eoin Cody’s game-changing goal.

“That wasn’t Colm Lyons’ fault. I would definitely think going forward, it needs to be looking inwards, rather than looking for scapegoats, like Colm Lyons.” See the clip below;

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