🚨Supporters aren’t happy after ‘ridiculous’ piece on The Sunday Game about the match referee .. 😬

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What a cracking game of hurling that was on Sunday between both Cork and Limerick at a sold out Croke Park stadium in Dublin. Last night on The Sunday Game highlights show, viewers weren’t happy with the piece of analysis done by the former Cork goalkeeper Donal Óg Cusack ..

Have a look at it below with some of the comments underneath

The rules state there must be a a definite striking action, not just visible in slow motion, so all were actually frees even though not thrown.

@DonalOgC why not show the blatant throws during the game that were fouls? Fact1 da rule says Clear Striking Action,not separation that can only be seen with the luxury of “slow mo” replay. Fact2 The COD/Nenagh EOg motion is already on the Clar of the 25 congress.Pray it passes

Ridiculous analysis. If you need a zoomed in slow motion freeze frame to justify a legal pass then ref was right to blow it. Make it a clear separation and striking motion that can be seen in real time by the human eye.

Shane Dowling in saying that if the referee can’t see it he can’t blow it is in effect saying it’s alright for players to get away with throwing the ball. Regrettably the panel neglected to highlight the myriad instances of unpenalised ball throwing in the game.

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  1. Not a hurling expert in any shape or form but referring Rugby for over 25 years and always had the mantra if I didn’t see it then it didn’t happen ah would not like to be the man in the middle for Hurling match over past weekend speed and skill is way beyond one mere mortal in the middle !!

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