Donal Óg Cusack Calls ‘Bullshit’ on the talk around this Limerick team

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The former Cork goalkeeper and three time All-Ireland winner was on The Sunday Game last night and was very impressed with the display from Limerick in the Munster hurling final and was quick to call out any criticism.

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“It will inspire generations of Limerick players the way they are playing that game.

It really showed that that ‘systematic’ thing, which is thrown as a negative towards them, is bullshit. It is said by fellas who don’t understand what they are talking about.

They’re a credit, the way the work together and trust each other…

What we saw there today is investment is a decade of investment in proper strength and conditioning in young players. Anyone that’s in the know knows that Limerick took a very professional approach in how they were going to invest.

All those things are secondary to players putting the ball over the bar, we get that, but there is a wider organisation that deserves great credit looking at these images here today.”

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