Dog stealing golf cart caught on CCTV, joyride ends with crash into SUV

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A dog in Winnipeg was caught on CCTV taking a golf cart for a spin, a joyride which eventually ended in him crashing into an SUV.

Anyone who’s been on the course and has seen an AWOL buggy will have been tempted to jump in and start doing some donuts, but we resist.

The proposition was apparently to good to pass up for one rogue dog in the U.S, who didn’t think twice before jumping into the buddy and speeding off.

The pooch managed to position itself on the accelerator pedal, which put the cart into motion and resulted in it slamming into a parked SUV.

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The dog was (thankfully) unharmed, but the same cannot be said for the SUV, which is understood to have sustained some paintwork damage in the collision.

You can hardly consider the owner careless for failing to recognise their dog would manage to drive the previously parked golf cart. Still, they’ll be more careful in future…

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