🚨 Dillon Danis takes aim at Paige VanZant following recent x-rated claims

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The row between Dillon Danis and Paige VanZant doesn’t look like it is ending anytime soon.

The pair have been embroiled in a social media row for some time now after VanZant had said that Danis was not a ‘real fighter’.

In response he alluded that the OnlyFans model had been unfaithful to her husband Austin Vanderford.

Things escalated when VanZant claimed that Danis had asked to be pegged by her. Yes you read that correctly.

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In a video she posted on social media she said: ‘Yo, it has come to my attention that there is a certain clown on Instagram by the name of Dillon Danis, trying to talk some s**t and starting some drama. So let’s f***ing go, right?!’

She then continued: ‘So, Dillon… obviously I said ”you’re not a real fighter.” My bad if I triggered you. I understand that hurt your feelings. But, instead of coming back and just talking s**t about me, saying I’m not a real righter, uhm, what did you do…

‘You kind of f***ed yourself right? You backed yourself into a corner because now you have to come with proof of this ”alleged affair” right? Because the only time I ever remember seeing you in Vegas was at the UFC athlete retreat.”

“You walked up to me at a bar, asked me to peg you in front of multiple other UFC fighters and I laughed in your face.”

At the weekend VanZant took on another OnlyFans star in Elle Brooke in a boxing contest and was dropped in the first round of the fight but went on to claim a draw against her less experienced opponent.

Danis took aim at VanZant after her draw with Brooke posting the knockdown on X with the caption ‘“Real fighter” dropped by a porn star.’

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