John Kiely is determined to honour Dillion Quirke despite the GAA

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The Limeirck manger John Kiely was speaking to the media this week and says he is determined to honour Dillion Quirke’s when the Treaty county take on Tipperary in the first round of the Championship. Quoted by RTE the 51 year old manager said;

“Firstly, I met Dan Quirke [Dillon’s father] last November. We discussed doing something. We were all very much of the mind that we would like to help in whatever way we could, make a contribution in whatever way we could to the Foundation.

“We’d still be very much open to finding a way of helping the Foundation acknowledge what they are trying to do, and honour Dillon’s passion and his life, which was hurling.

“I feel his situation is that little bit unique in that he died playing the game that he loved, on one of the most hallowed surfaces of all in Semple Stadium.

“I think his situation is different to wider charitable causes. I think there is a distinct difference here.

“A player, playing for his club, who is a county player, who died whilst on the surface in Semple Stadium. For me, that makes it different.

“And maybe a reason to examine the situation and see if there is a way for us to find something that will work for both Tipperary and ourselves. And for the Foundation most of all.

“This concept was put forward that the Foundation emblem would be put on the jersey for that one game between ourselves and Tipperary. We had agreed to do that. We were very happy to do that. And that afterwards the jerseys would be handed back to the Foundation for them to auction – that was the concept.

“Clearly, it has run into a difficulty now, because of the particular rule it might be in breach of. That’s disappointing.

“We’re very much open to finding some solution to that particular difficulty. If we can help in any way, we will. We will be open to that.”

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