Didi Hamann has an unexpected pop at Cristiano Ronaldo

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Didi Hamann surprised everybody when had a go at Cristiano Ronaldo despite the fact that he was analysing the France vs Morocco semi-final.

Ronaldo has received more criticism in the last month then he has in his entire career. It has been open season on the Portuguese captain and Hamann was the latest person to have a pop at him.

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After Morocco’s 2-0 loss to France on Wednesday, the RTE pundit commended the players for congratulating their opponents and for bringing a ‘human side’ to the World Cup.

In the rant, Hamann chose to use Ronaldo as an example of someone who has no ‘dignity’.

“I think they [Morocco] brought the human side back to this world cup,” Hamann said.

“You talk about these superstars, top players, top earners – and if you think that one of the greatest players who left the scene a week ago, [Cristiano] Ronaldo, couldn’t even congratulate them at the end of the game…

“They won that game and did something historic and he didn’t even have the dignity to congratulate them for what they’ve achieved.

“And now you watch them; how they shake hands with the French. The dignity and the graciousness they show in defeat – brilliant.”

This is Ronaldo’s last ever World Cup and quite possibly the last time we ever get to see him in a competitive match.

Do you think he conducted himself properly or do you agree with Hamann?

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