Did You See Kazakhstan’s Outrageous Goal Straight From Kick-Off? It Was “Very Nice.”

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There was a goal scored in the recent round of Nations League matches that seems to be going slightly unnoticed.

The outrageous attempt was scored by Kazakhstan’s Aybol Abiken who scored a goal directly from the kick-off against Albania in their Nations League League C Group 4 match.

It all happened after Albania had just taken a 2-0 lead and returned to their own half to allow Kazakhstan to kick-off but little did they know that Aybol Abiken had an idea brewing.

Kazakhstan restated the game and without hesitation Abiken took a shot directly from the kick-off and caught the Albanian goalkeeper completely off guard and scored a wonderful goal.

Albania went on to win 3-1 and finished second in League C Group 4 but it was Abiken’s outrageous attempt that stole the show. See for yourself below.

By Nageem Nawor

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