(Video) Deportivo Toluca accused of unsportsmanlike conduct after scoring as goalkeeper tears her ACL

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A quite remarkable incident occurred when Deportivo Toluca Women took on San Luis. This could be one of the most unsportsmanlike moments in football history.

In the 34th minute of the contest, San Luis’ goalkeeper, Stefani Jimenez, suffered a nasty knee injury after getting her studs stuck in the turf. It was later revealed that she had torn her anterior cruciate ligament.

As she laid on the floor, evidently in a significant amount of pain, Deportivo Toluca Women took advantage, collecting the loose ball and putting it into the bad of the empty net.

You can see the unusual incident below.

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Some will argue that they had every right to take advantage, with the referee not having stopped play, but the sportsmanlike thing to do would have been to put the ball out of play and allow her to receive treatment.

For a goalkeeper to not even attempt to stand up and make the save, it’d be safe to assume that the injury she suffered was a serious one. Deportivo Toluca Women clearly didn’t care much about that…