🚨Viewers couldn’t believe what Deon Fourie did to get himself right for the #RWCFinal23

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The South African hooker Deon Fourie is one tough mother f***** Going from not being able to lift your arm over your shoulder, to playing *hooker* for 77 minutes of a World Cup final in the same week. Serious respect for Deon Fourie’s effort in that game. Probably the worst position to play in rugby with a shoulder injury.



I can’t imagine the aches and pains he will suffer in his old age. But Deon is a South African hero. He has literally put his body on the line for his country. Truly a hero you might read about in history books. He’s made history, too. And what a sacrifice!
Well his scrummaging and throwing was poor in the final. Tackled his heart out though.
Matt Damon to play Deon in the upcoming film about 2023.
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