🚨Medical professionals all over the world will not be happy at what Deon Fourie did during the Stormers game .. 😬

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There was a moment in the Stormers vs Bulls game where Deon Fourie gave his cotton wool to Coetzee who was bleeding .. Some medical professionals will not be happy with this .. See it below and the comments with it ..

There was a Junior D hurling game last year. Not for the faint hearted. In a bit of a schemozzle x 2 players it was reported that one of them got a cut that required stitches. The other lad being in the medical profession subbed himself off to stitch his opponent. Only in the GAA

To be fair rugby players always have open wounds so this probably happens regardless. Like in the scrums to front rower all have open wounds by their ears etc. but yeah this isn’t wise of them lol

I noticed it too but I loved how Coetzee gave it back to Fourie after using it.

Then the one player still gives the now even more bloodied piece of cotton wool back to the other!
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  1. During a rugby match at (as I recall) Ballymena, one of our lads got a gash on his head. One of their supporters examined it, and pronounced it needed stitches. He produced a medical bag and said he’d do it, and proceeded to do the neatest job of stitching I’d ever seen, and bandaged it up. To cut a long story short, it transpired he was actually a vet!

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