Declan Rice Read to Put his ‘Body on the Line’ for his Country

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The former Ireland international is ready to give it everything for England tomorrow night in the European final at Wembley Stadium.

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“Top players. They’ve got Jorginho, who plays at Chelsea, and I know him well. Verratti, it will be the first time playing against him and obviously Barella as well,” he said to talkSPORT.

“They are fluid and pass the ball really well. Just before the Germany game and before the Croatia game, we said the midfield battle was key and we’d be ready for it.

“I can assure you, we will be ready for it 10 times harder than they will. We are ready to run, ready to go to places we’ve never been before.

“This is life on the line stuff now. This is the chance to make history. There’s no way we are not going to go out there and give it everything.

“The midfield battle will be key, but all over the pitch it will be key as well. We will be ready.”

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