“That is unbelievable” – Team USA’s Bryson DeChambeau hits insane 417-yard drive off the tee

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Bryson DeChambeau, take a bow. The American golfer hit a 417-yard drive off the tee at the Ryder Cup on Friday.

You’d think by this point there wasn’t much to do in the sport that hasn’t already been done, but modern golfers are continuing to push the boundaries of what we thought was possible.

One of those is Bryson DeChambeau. The 2020 US Open winner struck a quite remarkable 417-yard drive (FOUR HUNDRED AND SEVENTEEN) which left those in attendance absolutely gobsmacked.

Have a look at the clip for yourself because you have to see it to believe it.

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To put that into context, the Empire State Building is ‘only’ 408-yards tall. DeChambeau has hit a drive which could have flown from the very bottom to the top of the iconic New York skyscraper.

Granted, he’s been given a little leg-up by the wind that’s behind him, but take nothing way from DeChambeau. That is just absolutely ridiculous.

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