🚨Davy Fitzgerald speaks to the media about his man behind the goal..

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The former Clare goalkeeper and now Waterford manager Davy Fitzgerald for his second stint was speaking to the media after the Deise defeated Laois in their league match on Saturday evening.

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“To get messages to the far side of the field is nearly impossible. So I can get a message from behind the goals to the corner back, he will give it out to the wing back, we are able to do stuff.

“I can’t understand why a steward is trying to move him, I just don’t understand that. They want me off the field, not coming on trying to make switches. All I’m trying to do is be innovative and come up with different ways around it so if you want to make a change you can make a change. Yeah, there is an odd puckout here and there we might have a call on but that is just telling him something we see from the stand.

“Normally a maor foirne would run up to the goals and say ‘listen, we need to get the ball here and here.’ We can’t do that anymore. I don’t think it is any bad thing to tell you the truth. In effect he is passing a message on and just making a change, that’s it.”

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