Davy Fitzgerald Tries to Clear up the Bust Up on the Sideline

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The former Clare goalkeeper Davy Fitzgerald was talking to the Irish Examiner and wanted to clear up the incident on the sideline two weeks ago between Cork and Clare in a camogie match.

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“I’m glad you brought it up, just to clear that up. Myself and Conor Dolan were sitting down the following day and having tea and a bit to eat and a laugh about it. If it was that bad, would we be doing that?

If I’m involved and someone says something to me and I react and say something… In the last few years, nine times out of 10 I haven’t reacted and I’ve had a lot of things where I could have reacted.

But it was a misunderstanding, something I thought was said, that was personal. But I’ve been assured it wasn’t and it was over and done with and there was nobody killed or no one hit.

But when I’m involved, it’s ‘sure look at that lunatic’, or whatever. That’s fine, if people want to think that I don’t care anymore. I just want to be who I am. I am passionate.”

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