Pocock Reveals a Classic Limerick Training Story Back in 2010

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Munster played the Wallabies back in 2010 beating the Aussie 15 points to six at Thomond Park Stadium in an awful night in Limerick. There was young Pocock who wasn’t playing that night but was in Limerick and touring with the Aussies and recalls a classic tail of being looked after my Conor Murray’s old fella.

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“I didn’t play that midweek game against Munster, Mr Murray picked us up from the ground and was driving us home. I was feeling a bit guilty from having not played, and wanted to do a bit of extra fitness work. So I asked him, ‘Would you mind just dropping me five kilometres from your home?’ He did.

“In hindsight, though, I had only been to their house once and I had no idea where I was going, or how I thought I was going to get to their house. And I just got horrendously lost.

“Eventually it got dark, I’d been chased by an Alsatian. I was just thinking, ‘This is done!’ It was before everyone had mobile phones, so I just walked into a random person’s house and said, ‘Listen, I’m terribly lost. I’m staying with the Murrays. I don’t know where they are.’

“Luckily, she knew the family. She ended up giving Mr Murray a call, he came around to pick me up and everything ended up all right.”

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