🚨 David Haye names best fighters he faced in his career

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David Haye has named the best opponents he came up against in his career.

Haye faced the likes of Mormeck and Maccarinelli at cruiserweight but he went for two heavyweights as his toughest night’s work.

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Speaking to The Ring he said: “Either Wladimir Klitschko or Valuev, one of those two. I’d love for them to have fought each other. I’d love to have seen how Wladimir would have dealt with someone a lot bigger than himself. He always seemed to have the physical advantages over people.

It’s a mixture of the two, they’re the two most difficult, they had such physical advantages over me.

I was able to implement my plan significantly better against Valuev. If I fought Wladimir the same night I fought Valuev, I believe the result may have been different. I knew that wasn’t the best of me. It’s very close between Wladimir and Valuev.

It sounds crazy because I lost to one and beat one, but the fights were at different times in my life. Lots of things were different before both of those fights. To be fair to both of them, I’d say 50-50.”

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