Darren Fletcher in furious verbal altercation with Man Utd fan – “who the f*** are you?”

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Manchester United could only manage a draw against Leicester City last weekend at home in Old Trafford, but one of the talking points of the game was when a fan clashed with former player now Red Devils assistant manager Darren Fletcher. Jamie Caplan, a 25-year-old United fan, spoke to the Manchester Evening News about the dispute between him and the Manchester United bench.

“I’m not even bothered about the result,” Jamie tells the MEN . “At the end of the day, I care about the effort being put in and that was what my argument was about. It was like they didn’t care. The reaction from the bench was they didn’t care. The reaction from the players was that they didn’t care and that’s what I said.

“I said, ‘you don’t f—–g care’. It wasn’t directed at Fletcher personally or anything towards him. He’s the one who took offence and turned around and asked me who the f–k I was and to sit down. That’s when I went back at Fletcher because I took that very personally.

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“I then went into a bit of a rage, so he didn’t say much then. And then Scott McTominay turned around. I couldn’t make out what he was saying because I was already walking up the stairs by this point.

“As a matchgoing fan. I put a lot of money into the club, I go watch them a lot. I watch a lot of non-league football, so I know the levels of them wanting it isn’t there (at United). You can go and watch any non-league team and see the difference, it’s a shambles.

“‘Where’s the f—–g fight? You don’t care.’ That’s pretty much word-for-word what I said. He (Fletcher) didn’t like it. But he can’t be in denial, he was there. He knows the standards that are required to be top-level. He was in a dressing room with Keane and if he turned around to me and say that’s a good enough United side then he’s a liar and I don’t believe him. Just look at all the old pros, they all say the same thing, it’s just not there, the desire. It isn’t there.

“I wasn’t the only one in the stadium shouting these things at the same time. When Fletcher is saying, ‘who are you?’ He’s not just saying it to me, he’s saying it to all of these people.”

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