Dana White’s insane net worth revealed, UFC boss DWARFS Conor McGregor financially

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Dana White’s net worth is quite ridiculous – and it dwarfs that of UFC superstar Conor McGregor, according to figures provided in a report by the Daily Star.

There has been an ongoing debate over whether UFC fighters are paid as much as they’re worth.

There is a clear disparity between the cheques paid to those stepping into an octagon and their fighting counterparts climbing through the ropes of a boxing ring.

The one man in UFC in particular who has done VERY well for himself financially is Conor McGregor. Although, even his biggest payday came from a boxing match.

Still, though McGregor is worth a whopping £147m, as per the aforementioned report by the Daily Star, it’s nothing in comparison to UFC chief Dana White.

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White could never claim not to have the necessary funds to pay his fighters what they’re worth, as his estimated net worth is an eye-watering £360m.

He’s also though to bank a £14.7m-a-year salary, which works out as £1.2m-a-month, £282k-a-week, £40k-a-day and a healthy £1.7k-an-hour.

All that cash and not a hair on his head…

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