Calls for Joanne Cantwell to be Sacked from The Sunday Game

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As we watched the Tailteann Cup today on RTE a lot of viewers were seriously impressed with Damian Lawlor and couldn’t but think what could be, as a lot of viewers have been left frustrated with Joanne Cantwell and her panel on The Sunday Game.

I hope RTE are paying Joanne Cantwell and the pundits enough, because it seems you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t, if you work for RTE.

A lot of people nowadays have their opinion and feel they can do it better…

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I do think that some of these comments are unfair on The Sunday Game Anchor. But I suppose people are entitled to their opinion… Another big weekend of GAA ahead next weekend.

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  1. RTE have gone totally overboard with regards to political correctness in their Sports coverage. It’s actually cringe time at this stage. OMG.
    Bring back Michael Lister.!

    1. The quality of the football is just awful no good trying to talk it up, maybe 2 or 3 decent teams the rest are really very bad
      No good trying to talk it up, it needs a total change ,the all Ireland football should be an open competition the first team drawn out has home advantage it supports the local economy , reduces costs in most cases to fans

  2. I absolutely agree that we should get rid of the so-called experts insulting the viewers not mention the likes of that know all Donal og Cusack and others who are getting grossly over paid by RTE all cushy 2nd. Jobs. Sack the bloody lot of them NOW.

    1. How dare you criticise Donal Og who has years of hurling under his belt. A nobody as usual criticising an expert. That’s today’s society for you!

    2. Donal has 3 seinor All Ireland medals and was the greatest goalkeeper of his era, he knows what he is talking about he is the only reason why thousands watch the pundits for his valid views.

  3. Pretty telling that the author of this bullying nonsense wasn’t brave enough to put their name to it.

    1. Should try Daire O Cinneide he’s way ahead of them all .Michael Lyster was also quite poor , the whole thing is pure cringefest and as for G Canning on commentary !!the day Micheal o Muircheartaigh retired was the day the music died.

  4. I have been following GAA for over 50 years and love it. When I can’t get to a game I always tune into it on TV or radio. I honestly think Joanne Cantwell is a brilliant at her job Good luck Joanne and keep up the good work.

  5. Sorry don’t agree re Joanne .I think she is v good. Unlike Michael Lyster she pulls up Spillane and did to Brolly too..get rid of Spillane .

  6. Stop she is a wonderful presenter. I would be very disappointed if they let her go no doubt they would replay her with a man .I for one have loved watching her present the show she’s a bit of craic with it .Joanne we will close down the country .we will march to Dublin.we will say no .the Sunday game needs you .And one day Mayo will win the Sam 💚❤🙏

  7. Michael Lyster was a class act to follow.Rte needs a clear out.Ger Canning.Marty Morrissey are brutal and played out and I agree Ms Cantwell has to go.Plenty of good talent out there.

    1. Joanne is a good presenter and professional with it .Yes sure she can be confrontational but that’s want you want.The only thing I would say is a new panel should be made up.I so tired of Colum O’Rourke put him in a nursing home and give us all a rest.

  8. Ms cantwell unfortunately is getting the brunt of, what is fundamentally an rte issue, it seems they have gone backwards in their attempt to be politically correct. It seems the panels aren’t allowed to truly express their opinions, and must stay within boundaries set by the public do gooders… If we’re paying them for their expertise then let them express it. As regards the set it looked like Joanne had barely room to stand whilst the three pundits had what appeared to be cheap stools, hardly fitting for former greats of our sport

    1. Michael,
      Your probably right,but the whole thing is overanalysed,like the game to turn the sound down and figure it out oneself.the only way around this is to go to the game which is by far the best option.lamentably our great game if hurling is in serious trouble due to the over emphasis on possession,hand passing ,backwards passing to the goalie,its heading the same way as the dreaded football,worried for hurling longterm.

  9. People are so horrible out if your gonna open your mouth speak like kate Middleton who such lady and hate hasty talk or conflict like myself what is wrong with people surely they all cant be having bad night sleep

  10. I would love a different person to anchor gaa games very boring and unenthusiastic feed at present.

  11. It take the Good out of watching a match .it is pure boredom listening to the constant Dribble coming out of Cantwell,
    DALY,Kavanagh& is staged nothing off the cuff k

  12. Personally, I think Joanne Cantwell is great at her job and gets stuck into the pundits like I would, if they say something controversial or questionable. She is by far the best presenter in sport in this country and really knows her stuff, that’s why she on everything. She looks great also, which helps. Stop the hate guys and enjoy her content.

    1. R u her Dad??? Firstly she never looks great which has nothing to do with sport, she absolutely terrible presenter why why why did she get the job in the first place. Oh, did u ever play sports??

  13. Need to bring back spontaneity and a bit on controversy. Tis boring coverage. Need opinionated Joe Brolly type personalities who aren’t afraid to shoot from the hip. Silly decision who ever decided to sack him. Whoever made that call should be sacked as Joe B is one of the best in the business

  14. The reason bill herlihy was so good was because he left it to the panel. He was so good at steering the discussion and then letting them do the job they were paid to do. The reason the Sunday game does not work is because it always has an agenda led by Joanne cantwell who seems to think she is the most intelligent person in the room . No matter what sport she is covering, she covets the limelight and the man of the match award. It makes for uncomfortable watching at times.

  15. Best news for a long time.Sports presenter should express neutral opinion and not control the programme.Why are so many Clare pundits on the show.

  16. Typical RTE you would think the have no other presenters between her and Darragh Maloney they have taken over RTE Sport which can be a hard watch listening to them nearly all of the time. Peter Collins got to present the champions league games and a few ireland games and was doing a good job now she’s taken over from him.GOD SAVE US.

  17. Jesus Christ benchwarmers – I thought she had committed a crime or something … No just a few no marks on twitter spouting misogynistic rubbish. Shame on ye for amplifying them.

  18. I agree j Cantwell should go he and nobody else is ever right whether it be hurling football camogai,lladies football athletics especially paraolympics ,be a bit more humble and listen to others

  19. I really think the men should be doing the football and hurling. I’m not at all impressed with Joanne Cantwell . For God sake there are lots of experienced footballers who can do the Job and make it interesting

  20. A change is as good as a rest , to tell ya the truth l watch the game , l don’t listen to them before , half time or after the game , l watch the game and make my own mind up , don’t need anyone to give me their opinion because l believe everyone has their own opinion so it doesn’t matter to me who is on the panel , if there’s a change there’s a change ..if not. Hey..the game still goes on .

  21. Joanne Cantwell is no different to Michael Lyster who in most opinions was both a facilitator and pundit and nobody complained..Maybe its time to change the punditry conveyor belt..Joanne is doing a good job…

  22. Taught the panel with leitrims Keith brine were very refreshing not the usual boring ejits trying to be controversial just for the sake of it

  23. She needs to go….She has no carisma ….is not able to get the best out of the pundits …..and just speels everything out in such a mundane way ….you feel like shes reading the six o clock news….. It was always going to be hard to fill Michael lysters shoes but come on RTE ….Joanne cantwell was a bad replacement and should have been left to report from the sideline…

  24. Ní chuirfinn locht ar láithriú Joanne Cantwell. I mo bharúil féin tá sí cumasach agus próifisiúnta ar fad. – I don’t have a problem with Joanne Cantwell’s presentation. I think that she is very capable and professional.

  25. Cant ger benchwarmers of my hews feed.
    Just whag i need furst thing in the morning.
    Some small minder misogyny for breakfast.

  26. Get actual real professionals in, using the same 2 or 3 presenters for every sport is dire TV. The likes of Ronan Collins or Joanne Cantwel have no charisma or proper knowledge of the sport they are reporting on. Get young hungry driven sports reporters in and shake it up a bit lads.

  27. Too much opinion I think – more fickle all the time. Plus the fact people get bored more easily and that’s a part of wanting to sack commentators. And that has a negative feedback effect on the commentators in turn…
    Remember when we would tolerate the same personality for years on years on years.
    One extreme to another

  28. Don’t watch anymore the debate and discussion around the game is a integral component, Brolly had the spark to encourage debate, Cantwell has nothing to offer she would be ideal for the weather forecast…

  29. God protect us from Joe Brolly. Joe was awful. Just being controversial for the sake of it. The funny lad. As for Spillane get rid of him too, he just wants you to know what he knows. Hurling analyst are much better than football one. There are no big egos there and they know their staff. Joanne is good , much better than Michael Lyster who never challenged the panel at all. Stick with Joanne , dont mind the chauvinists out there

  30. Major overhaul required. Current pundits (Spillane, O’Rourke) are time servers whose punditry is outdated and predictable. Any risky comments appear from the motivation to hold on to their gigs. Marty Morrissey/Ger Canning commentaries are tired and reflect a “going through the motions”. Joanne Cantwell/ Sunday game don’t know who the current players nor team tactics generally. Could learn from the BBC ” the Championship” programme

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