(Video) Watch one of the craziest rounds, and comebacks, in UFC history

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Matt Schnell completed one of the most insane comebacks in UFC history during his fight with Su Mudaerji last night.

Schnell was on the receiving end of some seriously hefty shots. Mudaerij continually landed the right hand and his elbow on Schnell’s face, leaving him bloodied and unbalanced.

You were given the impression that it was only a matter of time before Mudaerij landed the killer blow and the referee was forced to step in to stop the contest.

However, Schnell refused to give up and continued to throw, and land, his own shots.

Eventually, he took Mudaerij to the canvas and found himself on top. He landed some vicious elbows of his own, leaving Mudaerij’s face in quite the state.

Schell attempted to secure the submission, and despite Mudaerij’s best efforts to resist, he was out like a light by the time the referee intervened.

This is one of the craziest rounds we’ve ever seen in the UFC…