Could we see a Lions Tour take place in the UK?

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Could we see the unthinkable? Surely not, surely the whole point of the Lions tour is going to the countries down south and taking on the very best in their back garden.

Personally this is an awful idea, the rugby union are very lucky that they got to play out the Rugby World Cup 2019 just before the whole pandemic hit. When you look at what happened to the Olympics, the European Championship in Football.

The obvious answer here is to move the Lions tour to next summer. A Lions tour without fans, isn’t really a Lions tour and hopefully summer 2022 we will be back fully to normality. Where as 2021 is still unsure, so surely the right decision will be made and move the tour to the following summer. This would give players/fans and the like the opportunity to enjoy the tour to it’s full extent. Surely this is what we all want?

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