SHOCK suggestions Barcelona could cease to exist in just “one or two years’ time”

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Are Barcelona set to go BUST? Bayern Munich evidently think there’s a good chance of it.

Barca’s final woes are well documented. Former president Josep Bartomeu left them in quite the mess after several years of shockingly bad transfer business.

Joan Laporta has been left trying to clear up the mess and ensure a prosperous future for the football club, but they’re having to take extreme measures in order to achieve that.

Barca will be activating ‘financial levers’ this summer in order to cover costs and give themselves a fighting chance of backing Xavi in the transfer market.

However, some do not appear entirely convinced that they will be successful in their efforts to dig themselves out of the dirt…

Bayern Munich are reportedly unwilling to accept a payment of instalments for Robert Lewandowski and they’re unconvinced Barca will be around to pay the costs.

The idea of Barcelona going out of business seems extremely far-fetched, yet Bayern Munich are seemingly very vigilant against leaving themselves short on the financial side.

Could this be the end of Barcelona as we know it?