Corn farmer in Argentina creates image of Lionel Messi’s face in his field

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An Argentine farmer has turned his field into a 124-acre image of Lionel Messi to celebrate their World Cup victory.

Lionel Messi led his country to a historic World Cup victory last month with impressive performances in almost every game. As you can imagine, the South American country went wild in celebrations, with some people still partying.

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Tributes from around the world poured in for Messi but there has been another more unusual tribute.

An Argentine farmer, Maximiliano Spinazze, spent his time creating an intricate design of Messi’s face in his cornfield.

Carlos Faricelli helped design the image and stated that he used coding for the machines

“I had the idea to make a code that goes in the seeders with Messi’s face as a tribute.” he said.

“Using geocoding tools, the machinery knows how much seed per square meter it has to put in certain places to create the contrast for different parts of Messi’s face.

“So when this corn grows and an aerial shot is taken, where the plants are closer together and the ground is less visible, a more intense green contrasts with where there are fewer plants and then this kind of agriculture art is created.”

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