🚨The GAA have reportedly asked match referee Thomas Walsh to pay close attention to one of the Limerick’s players .. 😬

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As we build up for what should be a cracking weekend of hurling action between both Cork and Limerick and Clare and Kilkenny at Croke Park.

There’s reports that the GAA have asked the match referee Thomas Walsh to keep an eye on certain of the Limerick players and certain aspects of their game ..

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It’s going to make for a cracking weekend of hurling between both sides, let’s just hope whatever happens it will be a clean and exciting game in both games and the result won’t come down to someone getting sent off.

Let’s hope hurling is the winner this weekend, it’s a massive game for everyone involved, here’s hoping the refs get it right.

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  1. About time referees were advised in this matter. The problem is that other match officials do not tell the referee what they see.
    The tv catches some of the unpleasant actions.

    1. With the speed of the hurling game it’s time for two referees. Even an Olympic sprinter couldn’t travel as quick as a hurling ball. Maybe the GAA can’t afford to pay two Ref’s. With the price of tickets and tv rights they should be well able to.

    1. Maybe the referee should watch his umpires and linemen instead of certain players on the field if play….

      1. Limerick are a cheap shot team,always after the opponents head.Your all irelands are tarnished.

        1. Cheap shot team my eye that’s why the whole country are trying to immulate how limerick play also we are going for 5 all Ireland’s in a row

  2. Hurling is a fabulous game of skill and talent, leave it alone, last weekend in the minor Hurling final Tipperary v kilkenny was absolutely brilliant as a neutral I really Injoyed this game of skill by young players as for football its has gone to the dogs, bore the Arse off you, “if it’s not broken don’t fix it ” and my final word’s ” Come on the Banner “

    1. Come on the banner for sure. Be great to see them win. I agree senior hurling can have sneaky jabs at each other. The minors Tipp and Kilkenny an electric game. The best ever and no sneaky jabs. Straight tackles that got 2 Tipp lads red cards. A fantastic game the best hurling I’ve ever seen

  3. Jealousy is there problem they can’t beat them on the pitch so let’s try to get them on their brilliant hurling but it won’t work they don’t look at papers or crap this is the best team ever they are tough but take what they get look at there injuries they just get up & play the game my advise to the referee is to play the game as it should be not listening to Jealous people up limerick

  4. It’s a man’s game, play it like a man and take it like a man. Referees are destroying the game as are the stupid yellow cards

  5. I am very sorry for the cork people & supporters that they go so low to get after the referee for Sundays match let the team do their job on the pitch not crybaby he hit me limerick will never do that the gaa are worst to single out players is this right every team in all sports have tough players but they are not singled out this is real GAA IN DOING THIS THEY CAN DESTROY A PLAYER GETTING THE REFEREE TO SINGLE OUT PLAYERS TO WATCH HOW ABOUT CORK I AM REALLY SURPRISED THAT THEY ALSO GOT AT THE REFEREE TO TRY AND GET HIM TO WATCH A FANTASTIC PLAYER BUT THIS WILL MAKE THIS FANTASTIC LIMERICK BETTER AS I SAID THEY GET KICKED & PUNCHED BUT JUST GET UP & PLAY AWAY NOT CRYBABYS SO LETS ENJOY A GREAT GAME & LET THE REF DO HIS JOB

    1. Where was the refree when the last day cork beat Limerick coming to the end of the match a Limerick player was just putting the ball over the bar where the low life umpire took a ball out of his pocket and handed it to goalie and it was pucked out straight away giving Limerick no chance to face the ball it ended up for a penalty for cork as limerick were trying to get back they fouled cork and the referee let the play go on as if nothing happened I don’t hear the cork clique saying anything about it

  6. Limerick are a great team but they are also dirtbirds. Too many follow throughs from shoulders into opponents Heads. It’s not about being hard. If players want to get in a scrap they should get in the ring or an Octagon where no one will hold them or their opponents back.

    1. Limerick are no dirtbirds just a brilliant and skillful team, I can’t believe the sour grapes, we win 1 all ireland in 70 odd years with some great teams then we have a team of the age’s and everyone is crying 😢 😭, grow up

  7. Made up story again. The usual with this crowd. Looks bad on freeze frame, not when played at actual speed it happened. And GAA does not issue referees instructio s to “watch” certain players. Nonsense yet again from Benchwarmers.

  8. Did the player that was allegedly stood on complain..I don’t think so..so why do hurlers on the ditch start making headlines out of nothing…If the ref does pick any player out without reason then he should be “highlighted”

  9. Whoever told the referee to watch Limerick players, should be named and shamed a jealous nobody I’m sure it will come out if the Waterford referee does that he will be heckled and booed and rightly so step in John kiely and name him

  10. Did ye not watch duggan in the munster final and how he flicked the hurley towards the opponents face as a first movement once he’d gathered the ball? Have ye all forgotten how physical kilkenny have been for years? Jealousy is a terrible thing. Aaron Gillane gets pulled and dragged and walked on from the throw in but no umpire reports it. Luimneach Abu!

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