Cork Hurling Winning Manager Joins the Backroom Staff

Cork hurling winning manager and former Limerick manager is back involved with Kieran Kingston’s men for the upcoming 2021 season. Donal O’Grady a retired principal lead Cork to two All-Ireland hurling titles in 2003 and 2004. What an addition O’Grady should make to the Cork hurlers

In many ways Donanl O’Grady changed the game of hurling to more of a passing game, before that a lot of the time hurlers you just belt it up the pitch and hope for the best. But Donal O’Grady brought in a lot of the short puck outs you’d see from keepers nowadays and the short, smart passing style.

There has been a famine in Cork for the last number of years, the last time they won the All-Ireland was under O’Grady in 2004 so a lot of people will be hoping he can work his magic and bring the Liam McCarthy back to Lee side again.

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