Former Cork Legend ‘Slams’ Cork Tactics

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The former Cork player John Gardiner was obviously watching on from over in America where he is currently based. The former three time All-Ireland winner wasn’t one bit impressed with Cork’s misuse of the ball in the middle third and feels Cork should have hit it in to space rather than playing around with it.

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Cork suffered another awful loss against the Treaty county and if we are to be honest it looked like boys v men at times. It’s not getting any easier for Cork as they will face Clare next in Semple Stadium. If Cork dare lose that, that will be the end of their Championship…

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  1. I’m a KK fan and to be honest we weren’t much Saturday either but watching the cork / Limerick game yesterday was a waste of an hour of my life !! I’ll give it that Limerick are good !! But Cork hadn’t a clue !! School kids on the B team wouldn’t do some of things cork tried !! They turned back into themselves numerous times and then got caught in possession with the ball !! If there’s 3/4 Limerick players surrounding one cork player , where are the spare cork guys !! The game is all about speed now and Cork have fast players to be fair but need to run straight and direct and stop turning back to their own goal !! It was embarrassing to watch !! Maybe we’ll all fare the same way against for sure a great side , but a short game in the middle of the park just plays into the ( I could say bully boys) physical side that Limerick are !!
    Hand passing from the same hand shouldn’t be allowed !! Only from the hurl should it be allowed !!

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