🚨Cork supporters are up in arms this morning, after ‘disgraceful’ decision made by the GAA

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GAA Go announced what games they will be covering this year for the upcoming 2024 GAA Championship and the Cork supporters are going mental and it’s hard to disagree with them.

Three out of the four Cork games in next years Championship, you will have to pay for!

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Dónal óg is it possible to find out how much this joint venture on the backs of amateur players raked in last year?

On the plus side, less hurling on national TV means less Donal Og on national TV, which means less grumpiness on display on national TV. Ireland should become a less grumpy place

Yet to see a single solution to this nonsense. Is it not gone very expensive to go to games now, albeit worth it in my opinion. There is always a good chance the team you want to watch isn’t being televised, meaning you wouldn’t get to see it at all, bar on Sunday game. 

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