🚨Cork star players find themselves in hot water over election video .. 😬

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Both Cork hurlers Seamus Harnedy & Ciaran Joyce were in a video that seemed to promote Fine Gael politician John Mullins. Since then Cork GAA have had the video taken down.

No fault to the Cork players, they were only doing what they thought was right, but Cork GAA have stepped in and have had the video take down ..

The video was taken down within hours following an intervention by GAA chiefs in the county.

“It looked like Cork GAA was endorsing one candidate, one way or another, and Fine Gael. Once he went with the Cork colours, they strayed offside. He put the players at risk and they could have got into trouble. They were innocent parties in all of this. We’re not endorsing any candidate in this race,” a local GAA source said speaking to The Independent

“Without going into the Frank Murphy rulebook, you’d have to recognise they were offside,” the source added.

Cork County Board declined to say what action was taken.

“The bottom line is we are not making any comment,” an official said.

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