🚨Huge Call down in Cork as a lot of people disagree with big call made .. 😬

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What a turnaround it’s been for the Cork footballer, after starting off the league pretty poorly, the Rebels have now maintained their division two status and if they were a small bit better they could have even pushed for promotion.

See the effort from Steven Sherlock below and the comments underneath ..

MORE HERE: 🚨People are concerned about one of the interviews Conor McGregor did for Roadhouse .. 😬

He should of had a free seconds before he cut in from sideline as he got a clear belt in the head

The reaction from the crowd behind the hold suggests it’s wide

Sherlock didn’t complain so I think it were wide

Quick pop pass over the top to free man was the correct move, he had drew 3 players so man was free on left 5/10 yards ahead..

I was close by & definitely thought it was over.
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