(Gallery) Lingerie Fighting Championships return with ‘Booty Camp 3D’ card in Las Vegas

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The Lingerie Fighting Championships are BACK, despite backlash from those who have branded the event sexist in the past, reports The Sun.

Boxing and MMA are ranked among the most-watched sports on the planet as a result of the entertainment they provide.

Take the physical aspects of the aforementioned sports and put the competitors in ‘fishnet stockings and nipple coverings’ and you can virtually guarantee a strong male audience.

That appears to be the thought process behind the Lingerie Fighting Championships, which see half-naked women, incidentally dressed in lingerie, fighting in a ring.

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The event has previously been branded sexist in the past, and for good reason, with it being totally unnecessary sexualisation of women for the entertainment of male viewers.

That said, as is reported by The Sun, it returned with the ‘Booty Camp 3D’ card over the weekend, which saw seven scantily clad bouts take place in Las Vegas.

Here’s some of the photos from the event that have been provided in the report. What do you think – should the event face death by cancellation, or is it just a little bit of fun?