Andrew Tate supports Qatar officials in refusing a gay Welsh support getting into the stadium

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With the 2022 Qatar World Cup now well underway, it has already had it’s fair share of controversial moments. From no alcohol, to no armbands and now even no rainbow colours it has been a groundbreaking tournament for all the wrong reasons.

Yesterday, Wales and the USA drew 1-1 after an entertaining 90 minutes but the focus was on what happened before the game. Many Welsh and American fans were denied entry into the stadium because they were wearing rainbow colours in support of LGBTQ rights.

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One of these fans was American journalist Grant Wahl, who tweeted that he was denied entry because of the rainbow colours on his t-shirt.

Andrew Tate, who is no stranger to controversy, retweeted it with one word, “Haram”.

Tate who has just recently been unbanned from Twitter, has never shied away from speaking out. The former kickboxer has been criticised for his misogynistic views in the past, which led to him being banned on almost every social media platform.

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