(Video) Conor McGregor embroiled in N-word controversy after Instagram video

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Conor McGregor has shared a video on his Instagram story where he appears to use the N-word while rapping along to the Notorious B.I.G.

McGregor has caused controversy after controversy in recent years, whether it be his abhorrent behaviour out in public or his vulgar posts on social media.

This is just another to add to the catalogue, with McGregor filming himself rapping along to the Notorious B.I.G and deciding to, loud and proud, say the N-word.

Irrespective of context, it is incredibly racially insensitive for a white man to brazenly use the N-word, but McGregor had no issue doing so and sharing it to his 43m followers on Instagram.

Listen to the end of the clip…

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There really is no defending McGregor and the others who felt it appropriate to belt out a word that is quite simply not for them to say.

It just goes to show how tone-deaf McGregor has become.

He either has no regard for his black fans, nor peers, or he doesn’t understand that saying the N-word is racially insensitive and completely unacceptable.

We’re not sure what’s worse, but either way, the video has been up for over 24 hours now – he ought to employ someone with a little PR experience to avoid future disasters.

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