🚨 Conor McGregor is in rehab and not injured according to UFC legend

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The Irishman’s long awaited return to the Octagon was scrapped last week.

McGregor was due to fight Michael Chandler at UFC 303 but Dana White announced that he was injured meaning the fans will have to wait even longer for him to fight again.

But, speaking on his Good Guy/ Bad Guy podcast Chael Sonnen has claimed that McGregor is actually in rehab.

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He said: “McGregor’s not hurt. I don’t know if we’re making TV here, how much we’re supposed to play along.”

“Conor McGregor is not injured, and it’s a very tough spot when he has the people that are coming out speaking for him that have been filled in, and they’ve all sworn to secrecy.”

Here’s what Chael had to say about McGregor being in rehab.

“What incredible irony that both sides have these massive interests in alcohol, and one side (McGregor) is in the middle of rehab for substance abuse, including alcohol.”

“I’m just saying, that’s a tough story to tell. .. Have this proper drink. I’ll see you in a proper while because I’m in a proper facility right now.”

It remains to be seen if Sonnen is just stirring the pot or if there is actually truth to his claims.


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