🚨Conor McGregor goes to war on Guinness & calls them ‘the enemy’ ..

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The former two time UFC Champions Conor McGregor went on a Facebook Group yesterday to try and take down the Guinness company. Have a look at his post yesterday and comments underneath ..

Oh Conor lol the gift that keeps on giving,well that’s it I’m off to the supermarket to turn the can’s upside down or some way to have harps facing according his instructions

The tanta may explain why the UFC press conference was canceled last minute today …. Trying to bring him back down from his “happy place”

Irelands victory in the war In 1803 sure we had the year of the french in 1798, but even looking at that one with my green tinted ones on, we couldn’t call it a win

Love the way we won the war of independence and next item on the agenda lads? Let’s go and fix Arthur’s harp for the fucker! Do we need an artist with us? No just a gun! Let Arthur himself fix it!
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