🚨Conor McGregor goes to war with Joe Brolly, The Notorious just can’t stay away, things are getting ugly!

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The former two time UFC Champion Conor McGregor has been sharing his opinions online over the riots that took place last Thursday in Dublin City centre.

Now McGregor has taken objection with former Derry footballer Joe Brolly for some of his comments, see The Notorious tweets and some of the replies below;

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Conor. What did Isaiah say? “Woe unto him who calls evil, good and good, evil.” And there you have it.

Absolutely pathetic. Keep fighting the good fight Conor.

You should run for president Conor you have my vote. And then knock out Tyson fury

The wellbeing of the Irish people must be paramount in Ireland. The likes of Joe Brolly want the opposite, to put more Irish children, women, and men in harm’s way, while running cover for border crosser and unvetted criminals. Disgraceful man he is

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  1. McGregor has used his platform to expose what an absolute torrid bunch Irish ‘journalists’ and pols really are. In the past few days millions are getting to see what we’ve had to live with the past few years and the bell can’t be unrung!

    1. You are talking shite, McGregor doesn’t hide behind the gaa veil,joe brolly is an attention seeker, McGregor is speaking from his heart right or wrong at least he isn’t afraid of the Montrose criticism

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