“I wanna eat his children” – Conor McGregor in now deleted Twitter attack on Khabib Nurmagomedov

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Conor McGregor has claimed he wants to eat Khabib Nurmagomedov’s children in a now deleted tweet, reports the Daily Mail.

The feud between McGregor and Khabib is still very much ongoing, despite the Russian fighter now having retired from the UFC.

Khabib settled the argument in the octagon, but that still hasn’t stopped McGregor from attempting to continue the war of words.

As is reported by the Daily Mail, McGregor sent some pretty distasteful tweets in Khabib’s direction before later deleting them.

“I wanna eat his children!!!! When’s the last time he’s even seen them actually? His wife? Mother?”

“How bout you go spend some time with your kids and family for a change and keep my name out of your mouth b4 you get trapped somewhere again you mightn’t be so lucky next time.”

Conor McGregor is clearly still reeling from his defeat to Khabib

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McGregor’s stock in the UFC is at an all-time low, he can scarcely afford to be losing any more support by saying things like this.

During the period spent out of action as his broken leg heals, someone really ought to confiscate his phone for the good of everyone.

McGregor likes to think of himself as a fighting man, but lately he’s done most of his fighting on social media, rather than in the octagon.

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