🗣️: ‘It was only a matter of time until these two gowl bags got together’

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Ewan MacKenna join Colm Parkinson on his show The Smaller Fish recently and the two came in for a mix reaction on Reddit. See some of the comments below from the GAA las on Reddit ..

It was only a matter of time until these two gowl bags got together.
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Usually on Reddit there is a NSFW tag when you see a pair of tits?

Wooly hasn’t an ounce of credibility left between hanging Brennan (no one will ever convince me that wasn’t deliberate) and his criticism of Shane Walsh and others for transferring to Dublin clubs forgetting he himself transferred to Parnells then the richest club in Ireland. Him attacking Paul Murphy for going to Otb was another low point. As for Mackenna I’d probably get a lifetime ban if I said what I truly think of him

Say what you want about Woolie but the GAA Hour never recovered from him leaving it.

It was the prime GAA podcast for a lot of people for years and it’s been completely neglected since he left. Many listeners went to the football pod on Off the Ball and never looked back. Me included.

He also fucked over Eddie Brennan massively when he released that “off the record” chat about the Laois county board. Lost all respect for him (not very much to begin with) after that.

Parkinson doing very well with Smaller Fish. As of today he has 4300+ subscribers at €5/month !

I’m one of them. It’s the best podcast. Some of his opinions grind me but he’s not boring. His hang up with modern football is prob the most annoying for me, if I didn’t like it I wouldn’t be paying him to talk about it.

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