Cody Rhodes went full Tom & Jerry at WWE Backlash

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Cody Rhodes had arguably the biggest singles win of his wrestling career at WWE Backlash when he defeated Brock Lesnar, but not before he incorporated some Tom & Jerry into his character.

Prior to the match officially starting, Rhodes attacked Lesnar, looking to gain revenge for the sneak attack by The Beast which kickstarted their feud on the Raw after WrestleMania.

After levelling Brock with a series of shots, Cody looked to go one further and use the steel ring steps to wound his rival even more.

On his short walk, Cody either decided to or inadvertently walked in a manner more akin to Warner Brothers than WWE.

Take a look below at the hilarious side-by-side clip of Cody and the legendary cartoon characters (shared on Twitter by @97Abdulmalik)

What happens next between Cody and Brock is unclear but a second match at Night of Champions at the end of the month seems the most likely outcome before they go their separate ways once again.

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