(Clash) Oisin McConville & Joe Brolly tell each other what they really think of each other’s punditry

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The former Armagh and Derry Gaelic Footballers Oisin McConville & Joe Brolly go toe to toe with each other on the BBC GAA Podcast. McConville states: “I always found Joe entertaining but I would have to say that I didn’t feel as if I was learning anything about the game,” McConville started.

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“So on that occasion (Brolly’s infamous rant after Sean Cavanagh dragged down Conor McManus), what have I learned about the game? Everyone knew exactly what was after happening. I remember being at that game and being enraged about it.

“I like the passion side of it. Before we started [the podcast], we had 40 minutes and we talked mainly about football. We talked about coaching. Joe was talking formations. We talked a little bit about Dungiven and different things like that.

“There’s coaching background there with you, Joe, am I right? So, why do we not get any of that [in your punditry]?”

This Podcast is well worth the listen…